Do Yorkshire Terriers Need a Lot of Exercise?

There are tons of dog breeds out there, and each one has its own unique characteristics. They have different sizes and colors, but no matter how they look, we absolutely love them. Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies as they are normally referred to, are one of those dogs that you just fall in love with at first sight. They are feisty yet friendly and loving creatures.

Yorkies are famous toy dog breeds that are especially known for their big personalities and intelligence. They have such amazing characteristics that it will take a whole day to list them down. While they look like a toy, they actually belong to the working dog category and are used for hunting down vermin. Plus, considering their sizes, they are pretty fast.

For anybody who is getting a dog for the first time, Yorkies would be a good option. They are low maintenance and require less care as compared to the big dogs. Besides, they are fun loving and full of joy and definitely lighten up the mood of any person they are with.

At one point, Yorkies were famous among miners. Since they are so small to fit in a pocket, miners used to carry them to mines.

The history of this breed is proof that this little dog is a combination of all the characteristics you can find in a dog. Yorkies are small enough to fit anywhere and are not scared of heights either. Moreover, they have extraordinary balance in their body along with agility.

Do Yorkies Need to Be Walked a Lot?

As mentioned above, Yorkies belong to the working dog category because of their athletic built. However, just like the difference in colors, not all of them have the same strength and energy level. The difference is not too much, but the size and weight of the dog does make a difference.

Regardless of their energy level, they do need exercise. While Yorkies might be low maintenance, they need outlets to exhaust their energy. The duration and amount of exercise depends on each dog. Some may require a daily walk for an hour and a half, while others can do with 20 minutes. The standard duration for a walk would be 30 minutes for a Yorkie.

Dogs are one of those animals that need to walk long distances and roam around in parks or play hunting game if they are hunting dogs. Each one has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled and taking a dog on a walk has so many benefits of its own. Here are some of them:

  • A daily walk can keep the energy of the dog at bay and won’t let it pent up, which would otherwise result in excessive barking and violent behavior
  • Walking also keeps the muscles of the dog strong and makes it healthy and energetic
  • Walking is good for the heart
  • It helps keep metabolism strong
  • Walking makes the dog’s overall health better and a healthy body results in a healthy sleep

All of the above benefits apply not only to a dog but also to its owner. Hence, if you have a cute little Yorkie in your house, a daily walk will keep you both in shape.

How Much Should You Walk a Yorkie?

Even if you take your Yorkie for a walk at least once every day, it will be enough to keep your dog healthy and energetic. If you have time to take it for a walk twice a day, that would be even better.

There is no specific time for you to take your dog on a walk, but it’s better if it is on the same time each day. Having a schedule is better than random walks. This way, your dogs will remain well-behaved and they will have a routine to follow.

The walk should be at a moderate pace, but know that your brisk pace is a running pace for a Yorkie. Hence, make sure your pace is slow and doesn’t leave your dog out of breath.

Even though the walking duration depends on the dog, the standard time for walking a puppy Yorkie is 15 to 20 minutes. The duration for an adult dog over the age of two years is 20 to 25 minutes.

Walking your Yorkie in the morning before leaving home will help your dog release its pent-up energy and might help it stay calm alone for a longer period. On the other hand, if you take your dog for a walk in the evening, it might help your friend sleep better. Just make sure any activity is not close to its bedtime or else the dog will stay awake.

Walking is just a moderate type of exercise that has its own benefits and won’t tire you out too much. However, there are other types of exercises as well that you can do with your dog, especially if you want to train it and improve its senses. Since Yorkies are energetic and agile animals, any sport will boost its energy even more.

Cream Puff the YorkieThere are many games available for you to play with your Yorkie such as flirt pole, Frisbee toss, fetch, tug of war, backyard obstacle course and stair sprints. There are also a bunch of toys that you can buy for your dog that will keep it occupied. You can get puzzle toys to heighten its intelligence or get a bunch of chewing toys that will help keep its jaw muscles strong and improve its mood.

You can also play hide and seek as well as a treasure hunt with scenting and nose games. This will improve your furry baby’s brain stimulation and keep its senses intact.

Most importantly, Yorkies love to just run around. Thus, you can just allow them to run around the backyard or play fetch or Frisbee toss with them. Not only will this improve the cardiovascular health of the dog, but you will also get to practice command words and further train your Yorkie.

There is something that you should be careful about. Yorkies, like any other creature, can be injured if they fall from height. They can develop a condition called luxating patella, which occurs when the hip socket dislocates from the joint. Hence, whatever game you play, make sure it doesn’t include jumping from a height.

Another thing to keep in mind is that in winters, getting your dog to walk can be harder than ever. Since they are small dogs, they get cold easily. Moreover, the salt used to melt snow on the sidewalks can damage a Yorkie’s feet. Since walking at least once a day is necessary, what you can do is spend some bucks on winter accessories for Yorkies like a jacket and a pair of shoes. This will help keep them warm.

Are Yorkies Good Apartment Dogs?

Max – Courtesy of Anna Daniels

Yorkies are one of the nicest little dogs and are perfect for apartments because they don’t require large places and can stay in indoor environments just fine. There are many other reasons that make this breed the perfect one for closed quarters:


Even though the fur coat of a Yorkie is quite thick and silky, this breed doesn’t shed as much as others. This means you will not have any serious risk of developing an allergy or any respiratory disease. The hair comes off in large amounts only when you are grooming the dog.

Since its hair can get quite long, you can either keep it short or tie it in a pony.

Excellent Guard Dog

Yorkies may be small, but they are quite intelligent and have an excellent sense of protection. They are feisty and can bark at anyone they feel threatened by. They also have excellent hunting skills if you keep them trained and make them do exercises that work their senses. Hence, if you have a Yorkie, you can rest assured that you will be well-protected.

Easy Maintenance

Since it sheds less fur than other breeds, you won’t need to keep cleaning. Plus, with the right training, a Yorkie can do everything like you want. It does not require too much care either; just feed it dry food and take it on a walk once a day, and it will be happy.

One thing that you will need to look out for that these small animals have a tendency to develop certain kinds of allergies, so be on the lookout for anything that might upset their stomachs.

In the End

Yorkies are a small ray of sunshine and joy and are a highly adaptable, intelligent and energetic breed. They thrive with human companionship, and there are many physical, mental and emotional benefits to keeping a Yorkie. Having a Yorkie around will change your lifestyle positively. Plus, since it is so low-profile, it is a great option for those who don’t have much free time or space for a dog.


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