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Yorkie Basics

There are countless dog breeds to choose from when dog hunting; however, if you’re in search of a little dog that offers a lot of affection, a Yorkshire Terrier might just be the right dog for you. In the United States, the “Yorkie” is the most prevalent toy dog breed today. These dogs are devoted, loyal, loving, and attractive. They are also small enough that they make it easy to live with even in a small apartment.

Below is a compilation of characteristics of Yorkies.

Group of Dog Breed: Companion Dog

Height: Typically eight to nine inches from the shoulder down

Weight: Four to six pounds

Typical Life Span: Ranges from twelve to fifteen years

Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, seem to have quite a sense of pride about them, but it makes sense. Yorkies have a beautiful coat that is typically long and silky, making them a more attractive dog than other dog breeds. Yorkies get attention everywhere due to their cuteness and perky personality.

They are small enough for loving owners to carry around in cute purses. Despite the beautiful tan and metallic-blue coat, Yorkies’ strong suit is actually their personality. They are great for families, as they love everyone in their family and every family member loves them. It seems as if Yorkies don’t notice their small size even though they usually don’t weigh more than 7 pounds.

Even though they are small in size, they are big in personality. They can be very adventurous, which can sometimes like to them being a little mischievous (yet still lovable). These dogs show a lot of affection towards their owners just like other companion dogs, but since their heritage is terrier, they can be suspicious when strangers are around. They are also protective, as they will also bark at unfamiliar noises and intruders. A Yorkie’s “yappy” bark may irritate neighbors, though, so it is important to teach them that there are times when they can bark and others when they shouldn’t.

Squirrel catching is a hobby of Yorkies, and they can show aggression towards other dogs; however, they are “softies” at heart. They require a lot of family time and attention, and they shouldn’t be left alone for a really long time. Of course, however, they still shouldn’t be over-protected and a little bit of independence is good.

Yorkies are also very sensitive and can sense their owners’ emotions quickly and subsequently copy them. If the dog senses danger, though, he or she can exhibit signs of neuroticism. As far as family dynamics go, these little Yorkshire terriers tend to be more fitting for families who have older children. This is because young children and toddlers may be hyper and tend to startle and/or tease the dogs, which the dogs don’t like and may become agitated.

Although Yorkies are not as high-maintenance as other dogs, they do require a little bit of daily exercise. This could include playtime in the den or a refreshing walk in the neighborhood. As stated before, Yorkies do just fine as apartment dogs. Even though they can be suspicious of neighbors’ cats and/or dogs at first, once they know there is no danger, they will befriend them and be just fine.

As you could imagine, Yorkies can get very jealous if their owners get another pet, and the terrier in them might make them get aggressive and start a fight. Introducing Yorkies to new and unfamiliar animals should be done with extra caution. Overall, with their small size, beautiful coats, and never-ending loyalty to their families, it’s no wonder that Yorkies have ended up being the second most commonly owned dog breed in the United States.

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