Teaching your dog tricks can be a fun and rewarding experience. It’s also an excellent way to improve the bond between you and your pet, as well as help them learn some new skills that will make them more confident around other people. Yorkie dogs are often small enough to fit in your lap, making it easy for beginners to teach them tricks like sit, stay, lay down, shake hands or roll over without too much effort. They’re also known for being smart and eager to please their owners – these traits make training a Yorkie quick and easy! In this blog post we’ll discuss some steps you should take before starting any training sessions with your pup so they get off on the right paw (or foot!).

How to Teach a Yorkie to Sit:

– Start by getting your dog to sit. Command them to “sit” and show, or place something like a treat in front of their nose so they have no choice but to follow the order! It’ll take some time for them to connect what you’re asking with the action you want from them – be patient at first as this will help make the training process quicker later on!

– Once they’re sitting, reward them with a treat or give lots of praise. If you’ve done the right thing and your pup follows suit, then it’s imperative that you show your approval by giving positive reinforcement for this behavior. It’ll help encourage them to do what we want in future sessions too!

How to Teach A Yorkie To Roll Over:

Teaching your Yorkie to roll over may be easier than you think.  It’s a great trick for them to do when you need them to calm down or if they’re getting too excited. It’ll also be helpful for those times you want your pup to rest during the day!

– Start by placing their paws on some kind of soft, flat surface like a couch cushion. Be firm with this command and show your pup what you want them to do.

– Offer a treat or praise when they roll over on command, but don’t move their paws away from the surface too quickly.  This is important so that the Yorkie gets used to rolling over in anticipation of being rewarded for this behavior!

– After repeating this process several times, put their paws on the couch, then remove them quickly. Repeat until they start to roll over when you move their paws away from the surface

– Remember to only use this command if you need your pup to calm down or rest during the day! Once they’ve successfully learned it, don’t ask for a “roll” unless you’re trying to teach a new skill!

– If your pup is naturally inclined to jump up on the couch or bed, you may want to try teaching them not to do so. You can use their own body weight against them by lifting their paws off the surface and then releasing once they’ve learned how to stay put.

How to Teach your Yorkie to Shake hands:

-Hold your puppy’s paw in one hand and offer to shake with the other. Praise them for doing so if they do it correctly. If they refuse, give their paw a quick tug downward until you can get a good grip on it, then proceed as before. Repeat this process several times each day until your pup gets the hang of it.

-Hold their paw in your hand and then move your arm up and down as you give them a treat, making sure to keep an even rhythm with the treats so they don’t get frustrated.

Tips for Teaching Your Yorkie A Trick:

-Choose a trick that is simple enough for your dog to be able to accomplish.

-Start with a command, like “sit” or “shake”.

-Praise your Yorkie for even the slightest success while doing it right and ignore any lack of progress at first.

-Reward them once they have completed the task successfully by giving them a small treat such as a piece of cheese or a small dog biscuit.

-Repeat the process for a few minutes each day until they understand what you want them to do and can perform it without any help from you.

-Throw in some variations, such as “sit” one time and “lay down” another so that your pup does not get bored or too tired.

-Repeat the steps as they are able to do more complicated tasks like “hold your paw” or “roll over”.

-Reward them with a small treat when doing these tricks for the first time, then only reward them if you see improvement in their performance (if not give them a break). This way, your pup will quickly learn that they only get a treat if their performance is better.

-Take your time when training them and never punish or force them to do anything! You want this process to be fun for both of you, so make sure not to push it too hard on the pup as they can become stressed which will make it harder for them to perform!

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