When you have a small breed dog like a Yorkie, it can be challenging to walk them on a leash. They are so excited about going outside that they don’t want to stay by your side and instead choose to run in front of you or drag behind. This is not only frustrating for the owner but also dangerous for the pet. In this blog post, I will discuss how to teach your Yorkie to walk nicely on a leash. We will talk about what type of harness is best, how much leash distance should be given while out on walks, and more!

What type of harness is best for a Yorkie?

The best type of harness for a small breed dog would be one that is lightweight and doesn’t have any type of dangly parts that could get caught on objects. A fitted harness is a good option for Yorkies, as it will hug their body without the need to adjust straps every time they go out for a walk.

How much leash distance should be given while out on walks?

The best amount of leash distance to give a Yorkie is about six feet. They love getting out and exploring the world, so it’s important that they have room without being too far away from you in case anything happens!

How do I teach my Yorkie to heel?

There are a few different ways to teach your Yorkie to heel. You can use an arm leash that attaches around the collar or there’s even one called “Leash-less” which wraps around their body and clips on both sides of the chest.

How do you walk two dogs at once?

The best way to walk two small dogs is to attach the leash to both of their leashes. When you’re walking two dogs, it’s really important that they don’t have too much space or else one will inevitably get tangled in another and cause a huge mess!

How do I stop my Yorkie from pulling?

A lot of times Yorkies pull because they are excited and want to get to the next stop on their walk a little too quickly. It’s important that you teach your Yorkie not to pull by giving them enough leash as well as keeping them right beside you with an arm or two lengths distance.

Yorkies will respond best to praise and treats. When just starting to teach your new pup how to walk, at least it is advised to have treats on hand. When they do something that is favorable, reward them with a small treat. If you wish to teach your Yorkie without treats then lots of praise will be required. Never yell or hit your Yorkie for bad behavior. Ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. This is the fastest and easiest way to teach your Yorkie to walk well on a leash. Lastly, remember that streets and sidewalks can become very hot if it’s warm outside. You may find that the best times to walk your Yorkie are early mornings and evenings when the temperatures are cooler. You don’t want to burn your puppies’ paw pads on hot cement!

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