The Yorkie is a small dog that can be characterized by their personality. They are often described as being playful, intelligent, and good with children and other pets. These traits make them perfect for those looking for a companion animal to enjoy in the home or out on walks! We will take an in-depth look at the Yorkie’s personality traits below so you can decide if this breed of dog would be right for your family.

Are Yorkie Dogs playful?

Yes, Yorkie’s are known for being quite playful. They enjoy a good game of fetch and will happily play with you as long as it is on their terms. If they get tired, don’t worry! Yorkie’s have a lot of energy so sometimes just taking a break to eat or sleep will replenish them for playing again soon after.

-Yorkies are known for being quite playful

Are Yorkie Dogs intelligent?

Yes! In fact, the Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred from fox terriers by crossing them with other breeds such as Poodles which were considered more intelligent dogs at the time. This means that these dogs had an excellent foundation in intelligence when they were first created and this trait has been upheld throughout generations since then. The average Yorkie IQ ranges between 130-140.

– Yorkie’s don’t have a strong prey drive so they are good with other animals

Will my Yorkie be Good with children?

Yes, Yorkies will usually do just fine around kids. They tend to bond well with adults and get along nicely with people of all ages. However, it is important for the child to always respect the dog because at times these dogs can misunderstand playfulness as aggression which may lead to unintentional harm coming their way.

Do Yorkies bark often?

Yorkies aren’t one of those breeds who like barking or making noise constantly but if you think about what kind of terrier this breed came from then it makes sense that they didn’t develop into being an excessively noisy type of dog! If you want a dog that’s not going to be vocal and that will bark rarely, you may just find the perfect Yorkie for your household!

Do Yorkies have long hair?

Golden Yorkshire terrier isolated on white

Yorkies are known as “little people,” but they don’t come in various sizes. They do, however, tend to have coats of hair with different lengths which can range from short-haired to long-haired. If your main priority is finding a pet who doesn’t need much grooming then this might be an excellent option for you because these dogs typically require very minimal maintenance when it comes down to their fur.

Can I train my Yorkie easily?

Yes! One thing that owners love about Yorkshire Terriers is how easy they can be to train. Yorkies have a natural intelligence and are eager to please which makes them an ideal pet for those who love training animals.

Are Yorkies good with small children?

Yes! This is another one of the amazing qualities that make Yorkshire Terriers so popular, because they get along well with younger kids without any issues at all! Parents love how laid back these dogs can be but still provide enough protection when needed. They’re also very sturdy in stature even though most adults don’t consider them to be too big of a dog breed either so they often end up being perfect for smaller homes as well. One more thing you might want to know about Yorkie personality traits is that he doesn’t shed much or have fur around their eyes!

In Conclusion:

These little breed dogs have a big personality! They are playful, intelligent, and very loving of their family. If you are looking for the perfect small breed addition to your home the Yorkie might just be the perfect match! Unlike other small dog breeds Yorkie’s aren’t known for being obnoxious barkers which is a huge plus! Be sure to search your area for Yorkie rescues when you decide to look for that new perfect family addition!

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