Saint the Super Intelligent Yorkie

Saint the super smart YorkieWhat makes Saint unique is, he’s not your normal dog. Saint has a personality of a human. He’s very picky with everything down to the way he sleeps. He only weighs 2.3 lbs but you would think he weighs 15 lbs. He only likes to go to the big dog play time if I think of bringing him to the puppy play-time he will hide under my feet the whole entire hr and won’t interact with any of the other puppies. He has a mind of his own he plays when he wants by his self he doesn’t need another dog to play with he’s his own fun. When it’s time for “night night” he’ll come in the room and bark so we can pick him up. As soon as he gets on the bed he’ll go directly in the middle of myself and my husband if we are on his spot he will get mad and bark. Saint isn’t your normal dog sometimes I even catch myself having full on conversation with him and trust me he understand exactly what I’m saying. Then to top it off he has a obsession with bottle caps he literally has a collection of caps their all over the apartment.

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