Jack & Tommy the Rescues

Tommy was abused before, they just used him for breeding as he’s a pure breed Yorkie. The rest of the time he was locked in a cage and we believe he was beat with a rag or even hand because when you raise your hand too fast he curls up and runs away. When he came to us he was very skinny, scared and his hair had to be cut because it was so tangled and naughty. Now, he always gets what he wants and follows his own rules. He loves to think he’s a big scary dog when in reality he’s a couple cm off the ground. He literally whines like a child when you pet him or pick him up. He loves to growl at his adopted brother Jack for anything and everything but at the end of the day when one of them is gone at an appointment or different room they cry for each other and are inseparable. Tommy is a crazy little Yorkie but the whole family loves him we’ve had him for over 2 years now and are so happy we chose him he’s truly one of a kind

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