Cookie the Lucky Traveler

Cookie the YorkieI won’t lie, it wasn’t love at first sight when I met my Yorkie. I was kind of talked into adopting her in the first place through a friend connection. Cookie came with the name “ Flashdancer” a name that I soon found out clearly did not fit her personality. She was a 5 year old breeding dog, that had never stepped foot beyond her white picket fence. Her elderly owners could no longer care for her. We had her shipped out from Missouri, her birthplace to San Francisco. I was disappointed when I saw the terrified, overweight dog in the crate. We had her two short days when she realized she could escape through our kitty door (hence the name, smart “Cookie”) She was gone! We were beyond devastated, we searched the yard, neighborhood, called police, posted fliers etc. The short version is, we were tipped off by an anonymous phone call saying someone on Craigslist had our dog for sale. Sure enough, the ad was an exact description of our dog, even the same name, Cookie! After having no luck communicating with the suspected dog thief’s, we were at a loss. Until a few days later, my husband was doing yard work and started up the lawn mower. He saw something run by, it was Cookie covered in weeds! To this day we don’t know how she ended up back in our yard.

To answer your question about what makes our Cookie special is that by some miracle she was returned to us. Not only that, she is part of our family, she stole our hearts, and from never seeing beyond her own front door in Missouri she has traveled to more places most people would dream of going. She is one lucky dog, but I think we are the lucky ones.



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