Bridget the Texas Yorkie-Poo

Hi I’m Bridget and I’m a 2.5 year old Yorkie poo mix. Ben & Leanne are my humans and I sure do love them dearly. I have a cat brother named Bruce that I absolutely adore and he’s my best friend. He’s a big fluffy 16 lb cat and I’m only 3.5 lbs, but don’t worry I always win our wrestling matches because I’m so fast and fierce! I spend a lot of my day sitting in Bruce’s cat tree looking out the window and warning my mom if anyone comes anywhere near our house, which inevitably wakes up my human baby sister. I love to cuddle and sleep in blankets, but my favorite place is in my mommy’s lap. I really hate when my humans leave the house, it feels like an eternity before they come back home! During the Spring I love to sunbathe in the warm Texas sun if I’m not chasing rabbits out of my yard and during the winter I will only pee on the patio because it’s way too cold to make it to the grass (that’s if I even make it outside). I’m definitely a princess… 🙂

One thing that’s particularly interesting about me is that I was born with a liver shunt! That means I get to eat only the best food that my parents prepare for me fresh daily. My favorite food is organic goat yogurt from Trader Joes. Man, I live for that stuff! But honestly I’d eat just about anything. My humans have to make sure I don’t eat anything off the floor because I never think twice about what it is–I just eat it right up! Recently I made the mistake of stealing a small piece of onion from the trash and I didn’t feel very good for a while. But my mom and dad helped me to feel better with some good food! My humans make me a blended mixture of organic green vegetables and they serve it to me with either an egg yolk or steamed chicken in the morning. I also get yummy snacks throughout the day, like banana, avocado, strawberries, and coconut oil occasionally. For dinner I get the same veggie mixture and some sweet potatoes. All I can say is they work hard to keep me alive because they love me! Below are some pictures of me!



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