Dudley the Rock & Roll Yorkie

Dudley The Rock & Roll YorkieDudley Dinsdale isn’t just any Yorkshire Terrier, he is “The Rock n Roll Yorkie” according to his social media and the over 6000 people who follow his daily Facebook posts. He lives and breathes the Rock star lifestyle including his extremely cool wardrobe and colourful hair. Dudley’s dad is a musician and producer, and Dudley’s regularly socialises with his “Uncles” from Australian music history, in band like The Church, Models, The Angels and The Whitlams (just to mention a few).

Dudley travels every month where the staff at Virgin Airways love him to bits and treat him like the V.I.P he is. He has an agent, and has appeared in a music video and advertising and was chosen out of the crowd by Russell Brand at the Sydney Opera House. When Dudley was photographed in an embrace with Joe Jonas at Bondi beach the post went viral on Instagram.

Dudley get’s invited to lots of social events and is often seen either dancing on the tables, being cuddled by beautiful women or desperately trying to schmooze a treat out of someone…. anyone.
Dudley is multi-talented too, as he is also a fully trained Assistance Dog helping his mother, Amanda, after a near fatal car accident, and visiting a Brisbane nursing home when he is in town to give kisses to his elderly friends.
Dudley is very popular with the ladies, but has devoted himself to a beautiful blonde Maltese ShihTzu named Miss Molly.
Dudley can regularly be seen either swanning around Bondi Beach, or at Paddington’s BLENDER GALLERY of rock photography with his pal Wasabi, the Japanese Spitz.
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