When all is said and done, water is the best thing you can provide for your Yorkie to drink.  It is also essential to know that they need to have constant access to clean, fresh, and if possible cool water.  No other drink you may provide them will work to keep them both hydrated and healthy as water will.

This is no more true than during the hot summer months, as the process of drinking water aids in your Yorkies’ body to cool them down.  Anytime you are going to spend several hours in the hot sun, you need to make sure that you bring along sufficient drinking water and a bowl so that your Yorkie can have a drink whenever they need it.

Does Milk Do A Yorkies Body Good?

Although milk contains many healthy nutrients that we humans need, it is not the best choice for your Yorkie.  Most pet owners are unaware, but more often than not, dogs present as lactose intolerant.  As a result, milk tends to both upset their systems and make them feel very poor.  For some Yorkies, it takes just a small amount of milk to result in discomfort, while others may have to ingest a larger amount before presenting with problems.  It is in you and your Yorkies, best interest to err on the side of caution and not give them any milk.

Can My Yorkie Drink Tea Or Coffee?

Lets go ahead and get this out of the way now—do not give your Yorkie any caffeinated drinks—this includes both tea and coffee.  Caffeine is very toxic for Yorkies, and ingesting even the least little amount will often result in caffeine poisoning.  Yorkies are much smaller than we humans, and as a result, what seems like a tiny serving of tea or coffee can have a massive impact on their systems and potentially cause severe health issues.

What About Alcohol?

There are those pet owners that think it is funny when they give the Yorkies a sip of either beer or wine.  It is true, in most cases, that your Yorkie will lap at the alcoholic drink. However, alcohol is toxic and should never, under any circumstances, be given to them.

What About Specially Formulated Doggy Drinks?

Over recent years, the marketing of several popular drinks touted as pet-friendly have been created.  Among these are alcohol-free wine and beer.  You can even purchase caffeine-free tonics and teas for your Yorkie.  These are best treated as if they are treats, in that they are to be given sparingly and not as a regular addition to your Yorkies diet.

In the end, water is the best and only fluid that you should be giving your Yorkie to drink.  Their systems are not set up to ingest many of the same foods and drinks that we humans do.  And, as a result, they can end up becoming very miserable—and no one wants that for their precious companion.

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